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My name is Bryn

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My name is Bryn Empty My name is Bryn

Post  B21man on Sun Nov 11, 2012 11:54 am

I used to live in a nice little town near the docks in Malysand. It was just me my dad and my uncle since my mother died in child birth. I used to slay mobs and protect the locals, and was pretty good at my job. My life used to be simple: get up, eat, and go around the town making sure everyone was okay. My favorite member of the town was the local herbalist, a woman named Mildra. She was a great friend of my mother’s and when my mother died Mildra made sure I had food on my plate and even taught me how to farm mushrooms, "just in case" as she always put it. Good thing too, I would have never realized how much I would rely on that skill in the future.
I was seventeen when the planes came, though we didn't know what they were. We had never seen such technology. All the town folk thought they were birds; until they started to drop fire. The fire clung to anything in touched. The people of the town ran into their burning houses to try and provide themselves with some protection; those were the ones that died. The houses burned around them, preventing escape, until eventually the house would collapse on top of its occupants. I saw Mildra running towards me to try and protect me just before a fire shell hit the ground in front of her. My dad forced me into the forest and towards the docks. Scared, I looked back on the burning town I used to know as my home and saw Mildra frantically trying to brush the fire off her screaming self. I broke out of my dad’s grip and ran towards Mildra, but my uncle came out of the trees in front of me and tackled me to the floor. Then he picked me up and carried me all the way to the docks. My uncle was an old man but he was a former blacksmith so he carried me with ease.
When we reached the docks and met up with my uncle’s wife we saw troops marching in form big warships, killing any who opposed with their sticks that shot fire and thunder. We hid in one of the many inns until the marching of their feet could only be faintly heard. We asked the town’s inn keeper who the marching men were.
"Them here soldiers are Navardians, me boy! Very dangerous folk, them be. Said they be here to take over our country, they did say! Not like we stand much of a chance, what with their new-fangled weapons and whatnot," he said with a forlorn expression.
A couple of days later we heard news that the Malysand king had been publicly executed and the Narvdians now ruled the conquered Malysand. Within a couple of weeks they started to bring over new technologies such as computers and laser weapons said to be peace offerings for the people of Malysand. Yet no present would ever calm me. These 'peace offerings' did not restore my village or Mildra. My uncle and farther quickly found jobs as scientists and began working for the Navardians while my uncle's wife found work as a bar maid in the inn. My father’s and uncle’s task was to find a sustainable energy source that wouldn’t pollute the area.
Five months later I had yet to find a job, and we were living in the same inn we had taken shelter in after that horrible night. I was alone, sitting in bed and thinking about how the town used to be; this was often how I spent my nights. Suddenly I heard a knock on the door, so I forced myself out of bed and over towards the door. I opened it just a crack and saw it was only my father and uncle coming back from work. I opened the door wider when I realized the happiness on their faces. "Sit down son," said my farther. When I did he explained to me that they had found a great energy source that we could use as a weapon against the Navardians. I was extremely excited; all I wanted was for their king to be killed.
They told me that the weapon would be ready in a couple of weeks, and that they had named it Nuclear Technology. One week later there was brawl at the inn between a petty thief and the bar manger. My Aunt tried to intervene only to be stabbed in the stomach during the chaos. As soon as my uncle heard the news he rushed back to the inn only to find that his loving wife had bled out. So struck with sorrow was my uncle that he sat at the bar and drank all night. He was so drunk that he must have told a guard about their plan to destroy the Narvardians, because the next thing I knew several guards had kicked in the door and demanded that my dad give him the blueprints to the nuclear bomb they developed. My dad was killed on the spot as soon as he refused. The guards turned to me and were about to ask the same question before I punched one of the guards blocking my exit, and, in desperation, ran down the stairs of the inn. I came out behind the bar and saw my uncle un-moving body in a pool of his own blood.
I fled out the door and ran down the streets towards the docks. I boarded one of the boats in port but not before I bought plenty of beer to drown my sorrows. The rest of the time I spent on the boat was a drunken blur, and all I can remember is the captain telling us we were heading for a storm but that everything should be okay. Next thing I knew I was on a being dragged up the shore of a beach by one of the men I vaguely recognized from the ship. I looked around at our surroundings and, confused, remembered that there was a map the captain had used to navigate the waters. I stood up, free of the man’s hold and swam into the sunken ship in an attempt to salvage the map. I found the captain’s quarters, swam inside, and found the chest it was stored in, retrieving the map swiftly. When I returned to the shore I opened the map and was unable to determine where we were. "This place seems to be uninhabited by humans," the man said, looking at the map. “We appear to be the only two survivors here as well." "How long was I out?" I asked. "About three days," he answered. "Bugger," I whispered to myself as we walked into the dense jungle that lined the coast. "Hey at least we don’t have to be ruled by that bastard of a king anymore!" he said, trying to lighten the mood. "Yeah, I suppose. My name’s Bryn." "Well hey there Bryn, my name is Ara."

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that is the map my character finds =P i got bored in photoshop.

The countries i made up are
Kaablia, New Apan, Jira, Syki, Dasse, Bothi, Tari, Toshi, Zergra, cantri, Cerea, Viana, Muzark, Naravand (in the original story), Nidai, Ibon(in the original story), New Ibon, Veni, Malysand (in the original story), Kawa, The Osaka Islands, Tyrell. The order is kind of left to right as if you were reading a book xD

I would prefer to be called Bryn in game because that's my irl name. its a weird name in welsh it means hill so yeah also IM NOT WELSH!! i just have a welsh name!

other than that most of you should know me quite well!

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