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Introducing Mr. Pants

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Introducing Mr. Pants Empty Introducing Mr. Pants

Post  Shmexypants on Sat Nov 17, 2012 7:13 pm

((This backstory is a bit silly, but please don't interpret it as me not taking it seriously or making fun of the RP. I enjoy RP a great deal, and I like to make characters that aren't really special or powerful, just a bit ridiculous.))

A single guard sat behind a podium at the docks, taking notes as the immense line of refugees slowly filed into the ship.


A man of average height and athletic build was next in line. He wore waistcoat and shirt with the sleeves pushed up, as well as a baggy pair of black pants. His hair was long and brown, tied into a ponytail. The man was a tailor by trade, and not impressed by the new opressive ruling regime one bit.

"Janderius Reed, but you can just call me 'Mr. Pants."

The guard looked unamused by the ridiculous name, and raised an eyebrow at the man. "Occupation?"

"Tailor... I specialize in making pants, you see. The best pants."

The guard gave him a long suffering look, then nodded to the dog which patiently sat beside him. "No pets allowed in the passenger cabins."

"What did you say?"

Mr. Pants stood with his arms folded and gave the guardsman a flat look as his oversized dog sat patiently beside him. The dog resembled a brown Newfoundland breed, with long, fluffy fur, a gentle face and an endless supply of slobber.

"No pets. The people onboard have enough concerns as it is."

"Well... what about if I stay with him, in the cargo hold?" The man looked down at his lovable companion, there was no way he could leave him behind.

"You'll have to pay for 4 pallettes worth of cargo space, but I suppose it can be arranged." The guard grinned for the first time.

"Fine." Mr. Pants sighed and reached into his coin pouch. He didn't think he'd need his currency where they were going anyway.


With a desperate gasp for air, Mr. Pants emerged at the ocean surface, desperately clinging onto the collar of his dog, paddling along beside him. Buttons was his name, and he had valiantly stayed by his master when the water began to pour through the side of the ship.

It became Mr. Pants' turn to return the favor. Once he had regained his bearings, he began swimming for the sandy shore in the distance, tugging his companion's collar to make sure they both made it safely.


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