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Meliadus' Journey

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Meliadus' Journey Empty Meliadus' Journey

Post  Meliadus on Sun Dec 02, 2012 4:20 pm


My name is Meliadus, I guess I could start with my age and some interesting facts about myself but I'll let my story tell you who I really am.

I was born into a poor family. As a child my birth mother and father abandoned me to go live the life of war, fighting for our king and, my mother, mending the wounds of fallen men. So when they left my uncle who was already of a tremendous age in his life, took me in as his own. Raising me in the ways of the underworld, thieving and stealing my way to survival. As a boy he would send me into the market for oats and bread, and just to please him, everyday I would bring him a fruit from Friez's Exotics stall. As I grew older the want to do more with my talents became overwhelming, but uncle had a rule to never take what was not needed, and never steal from the ones who didn't deserve.

Of course being raised a rebel, it was bound to happen. So one evening on an hour after sunset uncle went to bed, and I slipped out to go stretch my wings on the towns nightlife. It was a whole new world to me, performers spitting fire from their mouth and the flames turning into dragons and snakes, witches sitting at fold-up tables asking to read the future for a pretty piece of copper, soldiers with their shiny armor that had never seen battle dancing in the light of their torches. It was euphoric. But I wasn't going to let the distractions take me from my goal. The week before I had seen a gem in the shop window of a jeweler that was as large as a steak and the truest green I had ever seen, even on the king's headdress! As I walked past the shop the shopkeeper had taken all the valuables off the floor and placed cloth over the glass boxes, I'm assuming to hide what beneath from preying eyes. But I wasn't to be fooled, I slipped my way into the empty alleyway and took out my makeshift lock picks I had been practicing with for years. I popped the cellar trapdoor open and sneaked inside. It amazed me that the shopkeeper didn't have a chain or a rope at least holding this door down. Especially seeing that the store room was merely closed by a wooden lever. I lifted the lever and stepped inside, a whole room filled with all of the store keepers most valuable collections! I saw what I had came for and placed it in my sack, doing everything I could to not express the urge to take more. As I stepped out of the cellar, uncle was standing over me. Next thing I knew, I was waking up in prison, a small silverfish was burrowing his way into the wall, the room was dark and musky with the smell of moss and rain water. I spent years in that prison cell, only being able to eat a single apple a day and some meat that I had never seen before but would often make me sick. Every week I would be allowed to have a book to read, I'm guessing so that we didnt go completely mad and kill ourselves. So for years I read and ate, and fed the mystery meat to my pet silverfish. I was released at the age of 20, 4 months ago. The silverfish wasn't allowed to be released with me, apparently he was an inmate as well, something about tampering with a portal of Ends.

In hopes of finding my uncle sitting at the home, I set off on the day journey to town. gather fruits and plants and spices for a nice large dinner. I even managed to find a dodo bird that I slaughtered and dressed. When I arrived I looked into the window of the home, only to see nothing but cobwebs and dust. I used the key and let myself in, lighting the entry way candles and reading a note that had more dust on it then I could think would be able to accumulate over 4 years. The letter wrote:
"Dear Meliadus,

I leave you this house and everything in it. I apologize for not being here, but, the overwhelming feeling of power has taken me. I'm off to the castle across the seas, I have been awarded a seat on the high council of the black king for returning his jewel.

Thanks for the emerald,
Uncle (Black Treasurer)"

And so, for the last year I have been learning in the ways of building and industrializing, and weaponry, in order to one day make the great journey across the seas to take what once belonged to Friez and return it to him. I guess taking down the most evil kingdom in the lands is just a plus.

This is my tale, I am Meliadus (IGN: Chimpysgotswag [immature decision of my youth]) (age: 21) (have been playing minecraft since beta 1.2 and tekkit/technic for about 8 months)

I also have a mumble server that can be used as well. its a 15 slot, never have any use for it.


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Meliadus' Journey Empty Re: Meliadus' Journey

Post  AraDJudge on Sun Dec 02, 2012 7:58 pm

Awesome story, i love it. I will white list you right after i post this. The world that you spawn in will not be the world that we are RPing in at the moment. I am still working on getting it set as the main spawn world. Other then that Welcome, anyone that is on should be able to get you moved over to the right world and if you let me know around about when you will be on if you know i can get you moved. Very Happy

Also with the Mumble server, If you would be willing to share it that would be AWESOME!

Thank You!

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Meliadus' Journey Empty Re: Meliadus' Journey

Post  Meliadus on Tue Dec 04, 2012 5:41 pm

Thank you!

I'm in class until about 8(central time) tonight but I plan on being on after that! Can't wait to get started!


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Meliadus' Journey Empty Re: Meliadus' Journey

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