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Solitude in The Mountains

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Solitude in The Mountains Empty Solitude in The Mountains

Post  Outragedparker on Mon Dec 03, 2012 1:36 am

IGN: Outragedparker
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DWARVES! That's a term no one gave two thoughts about, neither now nor in the times well before the wars. Many never even recognized their existence, and rightly so, as the Dwarves are holy unconcerned with the surface world.

"Born in the ground and I'm diggin in it!" is a popular phrase down under mountains.

Under the sheer faced mountains of ההרים גיבורי התהילה, translated to broken common means Glorious Mountains, is where the Dwarves have resided since the beginnings to all of recorded history! The surface world refers to this land as part of Antica.

The Dwarves, as such keeping to their own business, paid no mind to the quarrels of the surface world. The mountain walls were not impervious to tales of war and destruction, however the Dwarves paid no attention to the affairs of the surface peoples as they had never done so in the past.

At the time Antica came under siege, the mountains became a refuge for the fleeing surface dwellers, unknowing of the mighty Dwarven cities that lay beneath them. Being impeded by the mountains overwhelming strength, the enemy of these survivors laid waste to the mountain sides. The assaults caused immeasurable damage to the structures below.

Unprepared, the Dwarves were tremendously crippled, very few were able to escape through any existing cave systems. Most of the Dwarves were left behind trapped by the falling walls, many more were caught under the crumbling mountain.

These survivors of they "Great Collapse" are now left alone in the wreckage of the surface world. Now injured and without much supply, it is up to brave Dwarves to face the challenges to ensure the survival of their people.

Dwarves like Rage Ironrail will face a world that is fearful of his very existance, let alone sudden arrival into a war torn world.

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Solitude in The Mountains Empty Re: Solitude in The Mountains

Post  AraDJudge on Mon Dec 03, 2012 9:41 pm

Okay i saw your post and read it, i like the idea BUT there is a big thing that I realized was not established before but is still something we put a great debate in and i cant just give leeway on. We talk in great depth about having only humans on the server... with that dwarves are not that far fetched from human. So if you are okay with not getting to exotic with it i will let it be. just to be fair with all that have already made there stores. Sorry if this ruins your ideas for your char. at all. I will whitelist you right now and you can get started on your adventure in our world. The world that you start into will not be the RP world, If no one is on just shoot a /calladmin and we will get that fixed with haste Very Happy

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