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The Story of Roba Empty The Story of Roba

Post  megadonkey30 on Mon Dec 10, 2012 6:48 pm

(( a quick note about my character's name, Roba means Donkey in Japanese, and i would rather be called Roba then Donkey xD ))

The Osaka Islands... it was home before the Naravadian army invaded, granted the Osakain navy held of for a long time, it was the flying machines that did it in. The Islands were a refuge a long time ago, but now, the king made into slave state. The residents of the Islands were different, they did not use much technology, it was the forces of magic that brought the people there.

A long time ago Mages and witches were forced away, it was the islands that they called home. their long standing navy kept them safe. did they take over the world with their power? no...

My name is Roba, I am 18, and I have grown up mainly with knowledge, and the uses of magic, now of course, being in the situation of the world, my father has started teaching me the fighting power of our gift. though we were taken over by the King. Naturally we started the rebellion against him, we hoped to show him fear, but we failed, and i found myself on a ship going god knows were. well, after it crashed and burned, leaving me and several people stranded on a island, i had to make the joke that we finally know were we were headed... yeah i'm surprised i'm not in a cage dangling from one of those really tall trees I'v noticed.


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