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The son of the Duke of Zergra

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The son of the Duke of Zergra Empty The son of the Duke of Zergra

Post  elbenjamin1193 on Thu Dec 27, 2012 1:09 am

The name elbenjamin1193 didn’t mean much for the Naravandians but to the Far East, where the prominent language was Spanish it was well known. The name belonged to the son of the great Duke Of Zergra, a prosperous land with beautiful women.
He was not just the son of a duke but there were also some traces of purple blood by a third degree and since his father was a prosperous Duke, elbenjamin1193 had always been surrounded by the finest silk and the brightest gems. His father always tried to give him everything he asked, trying to fulfill the empty space left by his dead wife, who was only able to contemplate the newly born for a few minutes before collapsing in her dead bed. The dead mother was also a distant cousin of the newly King of Naravand.
This time he was far from home attending a dance in Naravand, the empire was celebrating the victory over the rebels. At first he felt indifferent about the King, he had promised his father peace. But when the king had proposed the newly taxes the Duke or the son could stand his name. This had really bothered the Duke, he had been married to his relative would betray him like that. Offer peace and then stab him in the back with higher taxes. The Duke had sent his son to represent him at the Balls because he knew if he faced him he would draw his sword and his people would have to pay for it.
The young man had arrived in the city a couple of days before the Balls. He had never visited Naravand before. He was amazed with the numbers of troops the king controlled. He then understood his father’s decision in signing the treaty.
The grand night had come, the city had lights everywhere and everyone headed to the kings palace. The young man was wearing fresh new set of clothes he had bought in the commerce district from a guy named Mr. Pants, at first he smiled when he heard the name but later he figured out why was called like that after he put on some pants made by him. “These are some good pants”….he thought.
He arrived to the palace early, it wasn’t that hard to find anyways….he just followed the crows. There were all unknown faces to him so he decided to just take a tour of the palace by himself. He was hungry so it was decided to head to the kitchen when he saw her coming from a long hallway. She was surrounded by guards who all walked at the same pace keeping the same radios from her. She looked up to him and simply smiled…..why? why? Did she have to do that? This made his heart skip a beat. He forgot that he hadn’t eaten since breakfast, where he was and more importantly who he was representing there. He then walked towards her to be pushed back by two of the guards. He then realized she was important which made it more interesting for him. After the guards stopped pushing him back they all turned into the main hall. The despite the two guards holding him he rushed to the hall to see the king and the young woman have the first dance. Everyone opened a circle in the middle of the hall and stood still as the king and his daughter glided through the floor. By pushing and pulling people aside elbenjamin1193 was able to get to the front row. She then starred at him again, another lost heartbeat, everything began to get hot around him….”what is this that is happening to me” he murmured. Then the music changed pace and everyone closed the circle. He lost her for a second but he then saw her walking up the stairs. Her eyes interlaced with his eyes one more time, this time his heart didn’t skip another beat….the heart wasn’t beating anymore, her spell had already overwhelmed him. The only thing he did was follow her. After getting up the stair she turned into a hallway as he turns behind her she pulls his hand and says, “we don’t have much time, the guards will come soon”. She didn’t say another word, she knew the way and he followed. Then they were alone in a room, if it was hot before now his skin is an inferno. She simply sat in a chair and asked “what’s your name?” when the door burst open and the room filled with guards. The last thing he remember hearing was, “Dad!!! NO!!!” before a blunt object hit the back of his head.
The rest…. Well he doesn’t know a god damn thing! Memory fragments of being in a cell that rocks from side to side like a boat…wait! He tastes the salt in the air and hears the waves hitting hull, Yes!!....he is in a boat!!...Hole, there is a hole in the side of the cell….water rushing in, must get out through the hole….finally out!! Too tired to swim, there is a floating chest take it!! Not much energy, everything gets quiet and dark. Hears woman voice that tells him “sleep my son, a new beginning awaits you”. Then light!! Turn off the sun!!! Turn down the noise of the waves!!! With his legs wobbling elbenjamin1193 Is able to stand up to find himself next to a wreck in a beach. He finally decides to start walking towards the jungle in front of him and realizes he has no shirt but the pants he has still in good shape…. Then he thinks out loud…” These are some good damn pants”……..

(Lol sorry if its too long, i hope you guys liked it. So technically im neutral and dont remember who i am but mr pants might remember me from when i bought the pants)


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