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Stuff You Need To Know.

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Stuff You Need To Know. Empty Stuff You Need To Know.

Post  AraDJudge on Sun Sep 16, 2012 11:15 pm


Welcome to the Medieval Times forum for the Medieval Times Server. Being new to running a server a lot of things are constintly changing. I started this forum to go along with it so that i can keep everyone informed on what is going on. I don't want anyone to be left in the dark when the server is down as to why it is down. There are several topics on here and if you feel that there should be another one of any kind please post in the suggestions page and i will get on it.


- No EE is to be used at anytime, unless you find a table or a Energy Condenser somewhere, those are allowed to be used if you can get into them. If found making contraptions that will offset the economy or make infinite stuff first will be a warning then you will be banned if action continues.
- Absolutely no cheating, stealing, or griefing will be allowed at any time on this server, this will result in a ban ALWAYS!
- No quarries Allowed they are banned if placed you will become like them. (One exemption is if you ask a OP and they allow it and place it for you. Sometimes quarry can be nice.. i just fine that people get carried aways sometimes Very Happy)

Tips for Success

- /Calladmin for help anytime
- Don't upset Goddess Admin or WestyPesty as they are one in the same and she is a vengeful Goddess.
- Start a store as soon as possible as i will add a little money into the economy every now and again but i hope that it will thrive more on its own.
- Try and find something no one else sells that way you get more money for it.
- /sell at the moment is a acceptable command but please if you can sell it to someones shop take it there and sell it.
- When starting a shop think of the all around, you could blacksmith and have people sell you ores so that you can make the items that you then sell for your profit.
- Label buildings that you build in an understandable way. In this way people can understand were it is acceptable for them to hang out. If the sign says House make sure you know them. Blacksmith, Butcher, Deli, then it is probably okay to take a look around and see what is inside and most likely for sale.
- /pay is a command that can be used to pay other players when they give you services or give you items. Another way to do business when you cant set up a chest and sign right were you are at.

This is all the information on the Tekkit Server List site. This way no information is missed please read all before posting.

Trying to set up Towns with Castles, Arenas, Stores, and houses to complete it all. We currently have only one Town started. Economy is highly encouraged that you pick a niche and work on that and sell what you make and buy what you need. Money makes the world go round. This is also now a very heavy RP server now. Please stay in char. I don't think that i want to ban anyone for getting out of char. but i want it to stay very RP heavy Very Happy

Plugins: Essentials Bankcraft Chest shop Jobs MultiVerse

There is no griefing and cheating but there will be areas labeled such as the arenas for battles to go down and prove who is the mightiest.

Version has been updated to 3.1.2


The Server will be whitelisted.

If you would like to get whitelisted go to this website.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Go to New Registers and read the 'Here is the Backstory!' topic. After reading that post in the New Register post your story. Read other peoples stories to see how they did theres. Even like Ara's story mix your up with someone else's so that there are ties. Make sure it all makes sense though.

With your story post your IGN and age.


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